Curriculum Vitæ

At the moment

Nicolas Giuristante, logo


Nicolas Giuristante


I can help you find the best services and products for your specific needs. IT organization solutions, brand identities crafting, digital assets design, try me.

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Activix, logo

Long-term contract


Marketing Director

Acting more as a designer than a marketing guy, I rebuild a large part of their visual identity in many aspects. That would be UI/UX, graphic design, web design and more.

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G5 Communications, logo


G5 Communications

Digital Consultant

G5 already have a large arsenal of professional services. My involvement, using technology in its broad sense, generate an even more tempting offer to their clients.

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In the past

Niodev, logo



Lead Designer

I design and thinkers the visuals, UIs and UX of a platform we develop that aims to help other businesses deal with their client's appointments and confirmations.


Fractal Solutions, logo


Fractal Solutions

Lead Designer

Our web agency and first business. Although it may be closed today, it has been one amazing ride. I cannot possibly enumerate the things I learnt during that time.


Groupe Unity, logo


Groupe Unity

Event Technician

Did a decent number of contracts as a sound tech or helper on multiple events. I've also done some web and graphic design for those same events.

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CAM, logo



Project Manager

I've been more than a project manager during that time. Web design, sound engineering, video editing... The list goes on. I consider myself very lucky to have worked there at such a young age.


Further in the past

Provincial Informatique, logo


Provincial Informatique

IT Technician

Here I learned more about computers in a day than I could've in a month during my computer classes. I've also had the best debates with some amazing coworkers. It is but much later than I realised how impactful these conversations were on myself.

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Synop6, logo



Graphic & Animation Designer

With no experience at all in the domain, almost none in a workplace either, I did my best crafting some animations and designs as one of their interns.

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Best Buy, logo


Best Buy

Digital Audio Specialist

I once sold an iPod Touch to an old man who was searching for a portable FM transmitter. That guy came back just to thank me for showing him this tech. But I did not sell him the additional service plan (he was clever). Therefore I was useless to the store.

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