I compose mostly deep and ambient electronic music.

Not as often as I would like to. Here are a few of my projects. The rest are still a secret, some accumulating dust, some being worked on for their hundredth hour.

My artist name says it all. I cannot release a song if it has no meaningful, hard to explain story behind it. More often than not, I stuggle more on the meaning of the track than the track itself. I have a problem. Not really, but so many things are on the verge of being release, yet they lack an impactful backstory. I will come to it eventually.

Fear of the Atom

Most people remember the 50s as the epicentre of fashion, rock & roll and the Golden Age of Television. A truly wonderful era after the world recover from the horrors of WWII. Indeed, those are important aspects which shaped our society even today. But nothing can be so perfect and beautiful, right? Crucial events and decisions had to me made as the future of mankind was at stake. Enters the Fear of the Atom.

Is humanity as we know it, ready to grasp, or even withstand the tremendous power of nuclear forces?

Inspired by a mixed pool of ideas. Mostly by the great speech given by President Dwight D. Eisenhower commonly known as "Atoms for Peace" on 8 December, 1953 for the 470th Plenary Meeting of the United Nations General Assembly.


Here is a track that initially started as a deep house project to finally end up as it is right now; Plucked synths, dreamy melody, simple bass, 8-bit solo part (Why not)... Lots of things going on. Thanks for listening!

This is my first official track. Which took forever to release.


[ əbˈstruːs ]


difficult to understand; obscure
An abstruse philosophical inquiry.