G5 Communications



Combining video services with their communications expertise was a major step forward for G5 and their customers.

G5 Inauguration Video

G5 Communications is the new name and identity that replaces the notorious agency once called Communications Lanaudière. I crafted this video to maximize the meaning of this rebranding. With a strong cinematic music merged with corporate titles and presentation of services, its goal is simple; Emphasize the press conference.

More projects in partnership with them soon.

G5 Communications

G5 Communications is committed to delivering quality 360° strategic communications, public relations, press relations and crisis management services based on constant concern for change, creativity and a job well done. Our communications firm aims first to fully meet the demands and standards of its customers. With each of our clients, we try to surpass ourselves and go beyond expectations, to build a relationship of trust, to be dynamic and proactive...

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