“Jack of all trades, master of none, though often better than a master of one.”

– Adam Savage

Web Design

My approach to web design is minimal and refined. My content is short, to the point and highlighted. My code is semantically readable, utility classes-based and optimized.

  • UI/UX
  • Markup
  • Layout design
  • Web identity
  • Prototyping
  • Digital web assets managment
  • Web animation
My latest favourite dev stack.
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Graphic Design

A graphic designer is quite often seen as a business card maker. Although I can certainly design one, I am more interested in crafting and maintaining your brand identity. Oh and let me centralize your digital files, that GDrive is a mess.

  • Brand identities
  • Graphic standards
  • Infographics
  • Digital documents
  • Printed media
  • Digital asset management

The only icon library I now use.

Streamline 3.0

Sound Design

Audio/sound design is unfortunately not my main source of revenue. (But it is what I am the most well versed in.) Why? Ask your committee or your CFO if they have a budget for a uniquely composed song atop that promo video. Yeah, that's what I thought. I compose music as a hobby, help musician friends get things done and more. I also play the piano, guitar and harmonica.

  • Music composition
  • Mixing (live, film & studio)
  • Sound editing & optimization
  • Audio recording
  • Sound-over-image & FX
  • Patching
  • FOH technician

Mendatory plugins brands in my inserts.


Although I can fix your computer, my IT skills extend beyond troubleshooting. A good IT architecture is crucial to any business. From backup solutions, digital asset management to permission control, I can get your team to finally collaborate.

  • IT Support
  • Annual maintenance
  • Data management
  • Computer builds & installation
  • Consulting
  • Best practices & training (Windows & macOS)

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> I'd like to thank my friend Google, the Stack Exchange Network and the Reset Button.

> endSarcasm

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Some more skills

I consider myself a generalist, a jack of all trades. Yeah, I know, lots of people say that but I can't help it. If I like practicing a skill, I'll continue improving it. If not, I stop. That being said, if I'm comfortable enough taking your request, expect the job done.

  • Photography
  • Video editing
  • Marketing strategies
  • Social media strategies
  • Event planning
  • Spotify playlists currating

I needed a placeholder. For lack of a better idea, here is a cat on a robot vacuum machine. You're welcome.

Quantum Physics

Yeah, I wish.
When I was a kid my dream job was rather uncommon... Forget being a police officer, no, I wanted to teach astrophysics in a university. My passion for science never faded over time, in fact, quite the opposite. Why am I not studying neutrinos and Feynman diagrams right now? Do I lack the necessary mental abilities to join the same ranks as my heroes? Who knows, I am as clueless as you are. Don't get me wrong, I do not regret any choices I made (almost). It's more of a deep feeling, an intuition, telling me that a CERN ID would've looked nice on my shirt.

My Production Dock